Responsive necessities

The times of fixed-resolution websites are long gone

Especially for lead/acquisition activities that are combined with offline media, the recipients are much more likely to grab a mobile device now than just a few years back. Our most recent activities in the field shows what is close to a 50/50 split between desktop and mobile/tablet.

The death of the QR code has been (greatly) exaggerated

While it is not a gimmick that should be used without consideration, our figures show that users are actually using the codes. Especially in scenarios with personally targeted materials.

Old mobile devices may be the new IE6

When developing solutions that targets a wide user base and rely on HTML5 technologies, it is clear that older Android browsers (and to a lesser extent older iOS devices) are becoming the major source of gotchas. To cover these, we have greatly expanded our extensive client testing stack. And at some point graceful degradation is no longer making sense, and that is where we will not hesitate to suggest a “please upgrade” message instead.

Think first, mobile second

Mobile first is quickly becoming the industry suggested approach. And with good reason. If you need inspiration or feasibility evaluation before your next project, feel free to contact us.