Simply Digital Loyalty

Your customer loyalty is defined by the combined user experience across all your customer touch-points. We use code to improve your customer experience, and you get better customer relations. It’s that simple really.
Schedule a review of your customer experience, and we’ll give you inspiration on bringing your customers even closer.

Loyalty is about great relations

How did you land your job – did you know someone who recommended you? That last fantastic restaurant you visited – why did you trust the review that persuaded you to try it? We’re simply saying, that good relations are very important. With that in mind, we help our customers to great relations with their customers that goes far beyond the core offering.

Technology is about convenience

Technology interaction is what makes or breaks much of the perceived advantage of our modern day society. But even the most groundbreaking technology requires that it “just works” before it is accepted into our daily life as an advantage.

Selected Work

Telmore Coupon Dispenser

Testing a single-purpose code dispensing kiosk

Telia 2-for-1 DVD shop

A fixed offer on the newest movies for the home theatre.

LEGO Club Member handling

A playful take on the dreaded task of filling out forms.


In-Store member service kiosks for CoopPlus.

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