Telmore Coupon Dispenser / Coupon vouchers on demand for high-traffic scenarios


Danish online telco, Telmore, took over the busiest underground metro station in Copenhagen for one week. The aim was to promote a new and simplified approach to using the minutes included in your mobile subscription. To aid in the acquisition of new customers, Telmore gave out online discount vouchers for new customers signing up.

How we made it better

To track the usage and success of the given discount vouchers, we tested the deployment of a single-purpose code dispensing kiosk. The kiosk functionality was very simple – a single “Print vouchercode” button. Pressing the button would instantly produce a voucher coupon with an unique code – usable on the Telmore webshop.

With the kiosk, we had the ability to track the usage of individual codes. Fill up the offline kiosk with new coupon codes and extract the usage data. The kiosk also allowed for fast turnaround when Telmore wanted to switch to a new set of voucher codes halfway through the campaign. No need to have preprinted physical vouchers, when a voucher can be produced instantly.


Project features

  • Simple and fast flow
  • No network connection required
  • Improved usage data
  • Unattended usage scenarios


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