Some of our selected partners.


Thor is a very skilled digital designer/AD that we love to work with for graphical design and visualizations.

OnTheFloor portfolio


Rosendahl Conceptkiosk

Designer and maker of high quality selfservice and information kiosk and digital signage hardware solutions. Combining scandinavian design style with the best materials and craftmanship results in reliable building blocks for your kiosk solution. Our partnership with Rosendahl facilitates custom adaptations and solutions, that ensures a successful end-product.

Rosendahl Conceptkiosk 



High quality address verification and validation services that helps us consistently deliver unmatched customer data quality. These services helps you get the data right the first time, and reduces the need for handling of returned magazines and delayed packages.



Cathrine Seidelin

Cathrine has helped us on several occasions, and she certainly deserves an honorable mention for  her help and inspiration in everything from experience design to handling practical project logistics.

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