Technology capabilities

We love working with technology. Sometimes we manage to use technology to make something even better. Have a look at what we are and have been using.


A great bridge between our online lives and physical locations. We deploy kiosks at golf courses, movie theatres, stores and supermarkets.
We work with Danish kiosk hardware designer and manufacturer Rosendahl Conceptkiosk, to combine technologies, usability in a great design.
It’s almost ready for prime time. We use different variants of NFC technology such as SmartPosters and Android wallet apps (NDEF/SNEP). For the simplest and most cost effective identification purposes we recommend deploying RFID.
2D Imaging scanners
Scanning everything from grocery products to mobile phones allows quick identification of products, members and customers. Apple Passbook fits right in. Ask us for a demonstration.
Mobile messaging
One-time-password authentication via SMS quickly validates a provided mobile number. With direct SMSC access, we have all the necessary details available. SMS messages are also widely used for delivering reminders and usage notifications. We particularly use SMS as a delivery method for mobile voucher codes.
Charge goods and services directly to the requesting mobile number. We have experience with mPay setups in the Nordic region.
Credit/debit card payments
The cornerstone of e-commerce. Also on mobile. Consider a fallback payment service provider – especially if your business depends on payments working.
Voucher codes
Don’t worry about stamps and tickets that arrive the day after the concert. A voucher code may be delivered on web/email/SMS in seconds. Ask us how.
Live data validation
Only usable data counts. To have customers validate their own data, you need reliable data validation services. As an example, we partner with AddressDoctor to provide live global address validation.