Kvickly Drinks / Get inspiration and print drinks recipes in the store


Kvickly is a danish supermarket chain that is a part of Coop Danmark. Kvickly supermarkets typically feature more space and wider product selection.

As with most “ingredients”, spirits are also typically purchased to be used as one in several ingredients in a recipe. In an effort to support sales activities in the spirits departments, it was determined this recipe inspiration should be more readily available to the potential buyers.

How we made it better

We proposed a kiosk solution that would give immediate access to drinks recipes. Customers are constantly presented with 4 recipes. Click a recipe to get the ingredients, get the step-by-step instructions and print a shoppinglist with included recipe.

With a mobile broadband connection for the kiosk, updating of content and monitoring has been a breeze.


Project features

  • Very intuitive interface
  • Usage reporting
  • Remote updates
  • Monitoring of sessions and hardware status


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