LEGO Club Member handling / Going beyond the signup form


LEGO Club is one of the ways LEGO is getting closer to their core audience. The cornerstone of the Club is the LEGO Club Magazine, which is a publication that LEGO Club members will receive at home 5 times a year for free. To establish the LEGO Club in Denmark and Finland, LEGO needed a website that would let new members sign up.

As a very responsible company, LEGO holds high requirements for the handing of personal information and the assurance of parent acceptance.

How we made it better

Looking at the clients core values, our proposal was a playful take on the dreaded task of filling out forms with personal information. We wanted to involve the children and have them and their parents to complete the registration together. We proposed so-called “madlib” forms, that lets users write the registration input in a narrative form.

Before sending physical magazines in the mail, the recipient addresses are normally subjected to an address wash where invalid addresses are removed from the outbox. To reduce this waste we implemented a live address validation that lets the members themselves correct any mistakes in the address during the signup flow.


Project features

  • Live postal address validation
  • Email bounce handling
  • Responsive design
  • ERP integration



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