NetCom mPay / Mobile payments for VIP customers


With it’s presence in movie theaters established, Norways second largest mobile operator NetCom wanted to add event more to their market differentiating movie advantage program.

A series of special screenings for NetCom customers was set in place. To maximize the usage to the booked screens, customers were asked to pay upon booking the movie tickets.

How we made it better

Booking the tickets took nothing but a few SMS messages. This made sure that also those without internet connected smartphones were able to participate. First send a message with the screening keyword and secondly reply with a confirmation message. By combining the customer validation flow, the ticket availability check and the mobile payment, the customer experience was instantaneous.

Once confirmed, the customer would receive a personal voucher code to be entered at the selfservice kiosks at the movie theaters. The selfservice kiosk would then proceed to print a ticket voucher that could be exchanged for entry to the screening. To make sure that no customer would forget the screening, a series of short reminder messages were scheduled and sent.

The live overview of sold and redeemed tickets gave NetCom an unique possibility to promote the screenings and fill the seats while limiting the amount of sold-out messages.


Project features

  • Instant mobile payment
  • Ordering on all devices
  • Live overview of sales and ticket pickup
  • CRM feedback


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