SEAS-NVE Lead / Adding motivation for contact opt-in


SEAS-NVE is Denmarks largest customer owned energy company. Besides the energy activities, the company is pursuing an agressive roll-out of fiber-to-the-home in its coverage area. To ensure the investment in infrastructure, a high adaptation rate among the consumers is essential. Historically SEAS-NVE has been using DMs and mass marketing to achieve the nescessary signups for new and existing coverage areas.

How we made it better

SEAS-NVE knows that the key to getting potential customers to consider new technology is the possibility of dialogue. To get the dialogue started, a combination of targeting and incentive is used.

We have developed a platform that allows SEAS-NVE to address potential customers with a simple “wheel-of-fortune” game. Through a DM with a game code, the potential customer participates in a the draw and is able to be contacted by a SEAS-NVE representative. The campaign lead platform is considered one of the best channels for FTTH customer acquisition.


Project features

  • Multiple themes
  • Multiple simultaneous campaigns
  • Prize management
  • Automated reporting



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