Telia Cirkus / Special events handling


Telia wanted to try out different customer benefit programs and offers. Having already focused on the entertainment segment, Telia made an agreement with the largest circus in the nordic countries, Cirkus Arena.

How we made it better

We created a ticket site, that allowed Telia customers to select a show from the tour calendar, select seats and pay for their discounted tickets. Resulting in a print-at-home ticket pdf, the flow was simple and easy to communicate.

With timely SMS reminders before each show, we experienced a very low number of no-shows.

On-site at the circus, we had created an integration layer that allowed us to use the iPhone app CodeReadr for instant validation of the printed tickets. No special on-site infrastructure or hardware required – just an iPhone.


Project features

  • Customer relation validation
  • Print at home tickets
  • Live ticket validation
  • Data Warehouse feed


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