Telia 2-for-1 DVD shop / An easy-to-understand special offer for Telia customers


After adding the 2-for-1 movie theatre tickets offer “Telia Tirsdag“, Telia was looking for a similar customer offer for the home theatre segment.

Before the break through of on-demand streaming services, the common denominator for home entertainment was the DVD. The offer to their customers from Telia was a fixed-price 2-for-1 DVD webshop.

How we made it better

We took away the cruft. One deal. One price. One shipping option. A curated webshop without unnecessary menus, options and price structures enabled customers to quickly choose two DVD movies for a fixed price. After selection and entry of delivery information, the Telia customer would authenticate themselves and complete payment using a payment card.

With integrated logistics handling, the customer would kept up to date with information about order shipping and expected delivery date.


Project features

  • Simple offer
  • Simple ordering flow
  • Close integration with logistics handling
  • DWH integration


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