NetCom Tirsdag / NetCom cutomers get 2-for-1 movie tickets on tuesdays


The Norwegian mobile market is highly competitive with several operators delivering great coverage and customer service. Norways seconds largest mobile operator NetCom were looking distinguishing advantages to set them a part from the competition. The proven 2-for-1 Movie Tuesdays concept was imported from Denmark and added to the catalog of advantages of choosing NetCom as your mobile provider.

The 2-for-1 Movie Tuesdays concepts gives you a 2-for-1 ticket every Tuesday – as long as you are a NetCom customer. The Movie Theaters adds visitors to the low-traffic Tuesday – and NetCom gets a distinct advantage in the market.

How we made it better

The customer experience was pretty straightforward. Send a SMS with “2for1″ to 1989 and within seconds you get a personal voucher code back in a SMS message. Enter the voucher code on one of the selfservice kiosks at one of the participating movie theaters and a discount voucher is printed for you. Use the discount voucher at the ticket office to get your discount.

The the personal voucher code, NetCom was able to track the usage among individual customers, individual movie theaters and their distribution over date and time. The ability to track these key variables allowed NetCom to identify target audiences for special screenings in the movie theater. It also allowed data to go back into NetCom CRM to measure the loyalty effect of the program on each individual participating customer.

The selfservice kiosks enabled the offering to go live within a very short timeframe, since no LoB integration was required from participating movie theaters. The screens also provided digital signage for NetCom campaigns and products along with accompanying interactive applications.


Project features

  • SMS interface
  • Live usage tracking
  • Automated reporting and DWH feeds
  • Campaign execution


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